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The Greater Pittsburgh Compensation Survey is a regional compensation resource to compare your pay program with benchmarked positions. Local and regional data is collected on over 350 positions from executives to production workers. Don't miss your chance to get the compensation planning tools for budgeting, recruiting and rewarding your workforce.
The Greater Pittsburgh Compensation Survey includes job descriptions from these following job families:

  • Administration (e.g. Finance, Accounting, HR, IT, Administrative)
  • Engineering/Field Services
  • Health Care (excluding professional services)
  • Manufacturing/Operations
  • Marketing/Sales/Customer Service
  • Non Profit/Human Services
  • Retail/Wholesale
Compare your pay levels by the following criteria:
  • Industry
  • County
  • Organization Size
  • For Profit/Non Profit
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Information on the Greater Pittsburgh Compensation Survey
The Survey of Executive and Administrative Assistants, a web-based survey, opens for participation in April to coincide with Administrative Professionals Day. This annual compensation survey covers the unique niche of assistants to senior executives in America's largest corporations. Data breakouts include: company size, industry, and region (including metro areas with the largest major corporate headquarters concentrations). Multi-variate regression models accurately predict pay based on the above variables, plus job role and incumbent characteristics. Over the past 20+ years, over 400 major corporate headquarters have used this survey to determine competitive pay levels of "C-Suite" administrative support. Participating company revenues range from $1 billion to over $200 billion. This is the Premier Survey for pay data at the top corporations across the United States.
This report, published in September, can cover more than 1,000 job incumbents at major U.S. corporate headquarters. The Survey of Executive and Administrative Assistants focuses on the "elite" of America's executive assistants - those serving senior executives at the Fortune 500, and other companies in the billion-dollar-plus categories. Assistants to these executives - and especially, assistants to CEO's - stand apart from what is found in typical support staff or nonexempt surveys. This survey ensures all executive assistant and administrative assistant positions are paid competitively in alignment with their responsibility and reporting level, as well as comparable to peers in other high-level executive support positions.
"This report is unique, not only in the jobs studied, but the pay prediction model we provide to our readers." According to EHResearch president Rodney Cottrell, "this report differentiates from others in knowing that the difference in pay can be measured and explained with some degree of accuracy based upon a set number of factors."
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Information on Survey of Executive and Administrative Assistants

Comprehensive local Pittsburgh salary planning information at your fingertips.

The Salary Planning Survey collects data on salary increase budgets for the current year and projected budgets for Pittsburgh-based companies. Each Fall data is collected and then reported for seven employee classes (non-exempt hourly non-union, non-exempt hourly union, non-exempt salaried non-union, exempt salaried non-union, exempt salaried union, sales, and officers / executives) as well as by participating industries.

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Information on Salary Planning Survey


Hospital executive compensation data at your fingertips...
The Hospital Officer Total Pay Report provides regional insights into the Top Officer total compensation pay package and the retirement benefits landscape. The report is compiled by certified compensation experts and includes executive pay data from over 200 Pennsylvania and Ohio Hospital Systems. The report covers over 1,800 executives in the following jobs: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, and more!
The Hospital Officer Total Pay Report can be used to comply with IRS safe harbors regarding pay governance...a like-sized peer group is provided for each hospital system in the report. One FREE additional peer group is available with each purchase (speak to a survey specialist for details). Receive the data you need to make compensation decisions!
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Information on The Hospital Officer Total Pay Report

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